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About me

Hey, I'm Harry! 

I served as a Royal Marines Commando for five years. During my time in the Marines I learnt a huge amount about physical training and have helped many of my fellow Marines to re-think their view on physical fitness. My interest in training people drove me to complete my CrossFit Level one coaching qualification, my level 2 gym instructor and my level 3 in personal training. I created this site to offer you access to a variety of fitness programs, depending on your goals, you can choose from a military preparation program, a running specific program, a squat plan, and more. You can base this on the equipment you have access to, or the goals you have in mind. 

In the last five years my interest for educating myself on fitness has grown exponentially. I have tried and tested a variety of different training methods and am always looking for the next, most effective way to enhance my fitness. My programs are both structured and extremely varied, as it is my belief that the best training program is the one that you stick to. You could have access to the most advanced program in the world, but if that program isn’t engaging and varied, the likelihood is, that you wont stick to it. My main aim with this site, is to help people wishing to join the military improve their fitness and gain access to the knowledge and experience I have obtained over the years. Furthermore, military focused structured plans, is something I never had, so I wanted to provide this for people like me.

Over the past few years, my love for fitness has pushed me to involve myself in a number of CrossFit competitions on a National scale, including Strength in Depth Inferno Pairs 2019. Seeing communities come together and support athletes on the floor inspired me to create something that was widely accessible, reasonably priced, highly effective and yet still easy for anyone to follow... So I created HS Fitness to tick these boxes. 

I hope you enjoy the programs as much as I enjoyed creating them. The most rewarding part of this business is seeing peoples fitness & military journeys. So if you purchase a program please contact me via email or DM with your progress, because seeing your results makes all of this worth it!

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Subscription PROGRAMS

Subscription PROGRAMS

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