- Military Prep

- Military Prep (Bodyweight)

No Equipment 

- Limited Equipment

- Functional Fitness

- Running Program

- Squat Program

- Conditioning E-book

HS Fitness has something for everyone! Whether you're already back in the gym or still wanting to train from home. The plans we are offering have you covered. The workouts also have scaled down options, so you can feel comfortable with the program at whatever level of fitness you're at. All the movements are demonstrated on Youtube Videos by Harry so you can check you're doing movements with the correct form.


If you're looking for a some structure to your workouts after months away from the gym then the Functional fitness program is perfect for you. However, if you are still stuck at home/don't have access to the gym and want to train harder and smarter, then take a look at the other programs on offer. More programs are on the way, so follow Harry's Instagram/Facebook for updates. Feel free to email Harry if you're interested in purchasing a premium personalised fitness  program, tailored to your specific wants and needs. Thanks for your ongoing support, HS Fitness.


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